Birthday: February 18
Favorite Color(s):  Black & Purple
Do you have a day job, if so, what do you do?: Yes, a Cosmetologist
Who is your hero/heroine, why?  My Mother, she signifies true strength because she raised her kids by herself and never asked for help while still fulfilling our every need.
Do you have a favorite make-up brand? Makeup Forever Collection
Favorite Quote? “Our Deepest Fear Is Not That We Are Inadequate, But That We Are Powerful Beyond Measure”



Birthday: October 27 
Favorite Color(s):  Gold and Blue
Is there a leader in the group, if so, who?: A great fact is that no one is a lead singer in the group. We all lead and get to shine.
What inspires you?: My family inspires me to keep striving and reaching for my dreams. At times when I feel weak and feel like giving up, I remember their strong love, support and faith towards me. From there I keep pushing to do bigger and better things through music.
What’s your favorite book/book series? In my opinion, the Bible is the greatest book of all time.  
What’s your favorite food? Baked BBQ Chicken!
Favorite Quote? “The best is yet to come.”