Birthday: September 10
Favorite Color(s):  Black & Yellow
Do you use any of your music background in your artistry now?: Of course. Working on incorporating guitar
How did that impact you then? Got me really into real music, played with instruments as well as computerized beats.
Your music past, present, future? Past is small stages and getting to know me as an artist. Present is embracing myself as an artist and expressing me in ask my music. Future is being globally recognized
Favorite Quote? “Oh, What a time to be alive!”


Birthday: February 18
Favorite Color(s):  Black & Purple
Do you have a day job, if so, what do you do?: Yes, a Cosmetologist
Who is your hero/heroine, why?  My Mother, she signifies true strength because she raised her kids by herself and never asked for help while still fulfilling our every need.
Do you have a favorite make-up brand? Makeup Forever Collection
Favorite Quote? “Our Deepest Fear Is Not That We Are Inadequate, But That We Are Powerful Beyond Measure”



Birthday: October 27 
Favorite Color(s):  Gold and Blue
Is there a leader in the group, if so, who?: A great fact is that no one is a lead singer in the group. We all lead and get to shine.
What inspires you?: My family inspires me to keep striving and reaching for my dreams. At times when I feel weak and feel like giving up, I remember their strong love, support and faith towards me. From there I keep pushing to do bigger and better things through music.
What’s your favorite book/book series? In my opinion, the Bible is the greatest book of all time.  
What’s your favorite food? Baked BBQ Chicken!
Favorite Quote? “The best is yet to come.”