We are Aviance


Known as "The Bad Girls of R&B," Aviance is one of the best R&B of coming acts today. With their huge, cutting and soulful voices and a diverse line-up of songs with women empowerment anthems while keeping most of their music bright and friendly. Aviance is a Philadelphia based female group that gets the house jumping everywhere they go; with their R&B allure, soulful voices, pop hooks and hip hop swag. This all lead singing trio features Beyyond, Dominique Nicole & Miss Jayy, and they get down and gritty with soulful voices. Aviance gives their fans and all music lovers just what they’re looking for "REAL" singing! The name "Aviance" comes from the word "ambiance"; and they represent every meaning of the word, because these ladies are known for creating a special vibe when they enter a room. Their talents collectively and individually will definitely leave a mark on this industry and give them the type of staying power that legendary Artists had.


Vocals / Miss Jayy
Vocals / Dominique Nicole
Vocals / Beyyond